Mindful Consumption and Sobriety: The 5th Precept as a Practice in Generosity of Spirit (1.5CR)

How does sobriety affect and contribute to our meditation and mindfulness practice? What can this experiment do for our capacity to be present? Join Sydney Faith Rose as she explores the status of mindful consumption and sobriety in Buddhist practice.

PREVIEW: "How to Look the Destructive Forces of Humanity in the Eye"


  • about the 5th precept. 
  • how to utilize sobriety as an enriching aspect of meditation practice. 
  • key Buddhist concepts, terms, and insights.
  • INCLUDED: meditation practice.

Mindful Consumption and Sobriety: The 5th Precept as a Practice in Generosity of Spirit

As Buddhist practitioners, we work towards the realization of a peacefulness tha's always available and cultivated from within. The Buddha talks about this as the "happiness associated with letting go of fruitless quests." We start our meditations by closing our eyes or lowering our gaze, physically bringing our attention inwards. Symbolically, we're also letting go of constant stimulation by the world that acts on us from the outside, impacting our mood and nervous systems.

In modern society, it makes sense that many of us feel reactive when we talk about sobriety. It's common in our culture to hold associations with sacrifice and substance use that feel heavy or shaming. Believe it or not, the Buddhist texts saw renunciation of intoxication as an opportunity for deep, sustaining joy. They introduce ethical practices as opportunities to offer freedom to all living beings and consider them to be subversive, going against the grain. In this lecture, we'll explore the possibilities for abundant mind states and societal transformation that can we can open to through conscious engagement with the 5th precept.

A Little About Sydney Faith Rose...

Sydney Faith Rose is a lifelong meditator, Holistic Health Coach and yoga instructor, who trained in the year-long meditation instructor and Secular Buddhist Program at The Interdependence Project. Sydney holds a B.A. in psychology from The New School and has participated in advanced training to teach trauma-informed yoga and meditation as well as being trained in evidence-based treatment practices for working with youth around issues of substance misuse and mental health. She spent 6 weeks in continuous meditative practice at Insight Meditation Society and knows the power of insight practice first-hand. 

Over the past 6 years, Sydney has taught meditation and yoga -- as well as building and supporting wellness initiatives -- at large universities, in corporate offices and at small non-profits in and around NYC and across the United States.

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“Interesting discussion about how sobriety can expand our practice.”   Meredith

“Sydney takes us on an interesting journey into an often-overlooked precept from the Buddhist tradition." - Michael

“I love these offerings! So nice to have access to such thoughtful teachings when you live in a place as remote as I do.” – John


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