Honey on a Razorblade : Desire as a Path of Practice (1CR)

Desire is often spoken about in Buddhist practice as an obstacle to happiness and the root of suffering. Adreanna approaches the topic of desire from a different perspective, looking at how we can actually use our desire as a path to deeper practice.

PREVIEW: "How do we become a student of desire?"


  • how to use desire as a path to practice.
  • the 4 Noble Truths and how they relate to our modern lives.
  • personal anecdotes and stories to help ground these philosophical teachings.
  • key Buddhist concepts, terms, and insights.
  • INSIDE: meditation practices.

Honey on a Razorblade : Desire as a Path of Practice

In traditional Buddhist texts, desire and craving have a pretty bad reputation. In the best case scenario, desire is spoken about as one of our greatest obstacles to freedom. In the worst case scenario, desire is painted as the root of all of our suffering. Which makes it easy to understand why we might misinterpret desire as something that needs to be sanitized or suppressed. That ridding ourselves of wanting is the “Buddhist” thing to do. But what if playing with -and participating in- our desires was the path of practice itself?

In this talk we’ll tease out the traditional Buddhist view of desire and craving, examine how desire plays into our personal relationships and society at large, and take a fresh view on how understanding and integrating our appetite for more can inform, and inspire our practice.

A Little about Adreanna Limbach...

Adreanna's first encounter with Buddhism was in a high school philosophy class where the discourses on The Heart Sutra rocked her worldview in an uncomfortable and exhilarating way.

Following a decade of flirtation with meditation, she found her home atThe Interdependence Project in NYC, where she completed their year-long training immersion, and continues to study, practice and teach alongside those who inspire her path. 

She’s taught meditation as a practical tool for clarity and resilience to corporate offices, middle school students, and served as a lead coordinator of the Meditation Working Group at Occupy Wall Street, bringing daily practice to the volunteers at Zuccotti Park in 2011. 

You can find her teaching regularly at MNDFL, New York City’s premier drop in meditation studio located in the heart and hustle of Greenwich Village. 

When she's not on the cushion, Adreanna serves as an Executive Coach at The Institute for Compassionate Leadership, a Student Coach at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and catalyzes women to rally their resources so that they can find more freedom in business + life in her private practice. 

Come say Hello to her and download resources at AdreannaLimbach.com

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“This was such an interesting exploration and reappropriation of the notion of desire, a notion that has traditionally not been well liked by the Buddhist tradition.”   Richard

“Adreanna's talk on desire was excellent." - Fara

“I love these offerings! So nice to have access to such thoughtful teachings when you live in a place as remote as I do.” – John


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Adreanna's talk is part of a 15-hr series exploring the teachings of Buddhism. Save 50% by purchasing all eleven videos today. 

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