The Yoga Sutras: Mastering The Game of Life (1.5CR)

What is the nature of suffering? In order to master an understanding of the Sutras, Jaganath says we must first understand the concept of dukkha, often translated (perhaps too quickly) as "suffering". Jaganath Carrera offers an alternative interpretation...

PREVIEW: "What is the nature of Suffering?"


  • a unique interpretation of dukkha (suffering).
  • how to understand the Sutras through real-life anecdotes.
  • how to integrate these teachings into your life.
  • philosophical truths to enhance and illuminate your experience.

"The Yoga Sutras: Mastering The Game of Life
with Reverend Jaganath Carrera

In every game, there is a goal, a purpose behind the game’s actions. It is usually the first thing about a game that we learn. This is because it is only when we understand the goal and keep it in mind that the rules of the game start to make sense. Additionally, the rules – the list of actions that are allowed or disallowed – help make the game an interesting challenge.

However, if we do not know what the goal is, the rules lose their meaning. They are reduced to a collection of random acts that lead nowhere and only add to a feeling of confusion and anxiety. This is how we often feel about life. We are like ships without rudders trying to navigate seas with unpredictable currents and storms. That is why our first order of business in attempting to master the game of life, as with any game, is to find out what the ultimate goal is.

This is precisely the subject of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Join Rev. Jaganath Carrera in exploring this teaching as it outlines the Ultimate Goal and the rules for Mastering the Game of Life.

A LITTLE ABOUT Jaganath carrera...

Reverend Jaganath is the founder and spiritual head of  Yoga Life Society. He is a direct disciple of world renowned Yoga master and leader in the ecumenical movement, Sri Swami Satchidananda, the founder and spiritual guide for the Integral Yoga Institutes and Satchidananda Ashrams worldwide.Guruji has taught at universities, prisons, Yoga centers, and interfaith programs both here and abroad. He was a principle instructor of both Hatha and Raja Yoga for the Integral Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs for over twenty years and co-wrote the training manual used for that course. He established the Integral Yoga Ministry and developed the highly regarded Integral Yoga Meditation and Raja Yoga Teacher Training Certification programs.

He served for eight years as chief administrator of Satchidananda Ashram -Yogaville and founded the Integral Yoga Institute of New Brunswick, NJ. He is also a spiritual advisor and visiting lecturer on Hinduism for the One Spirit Seminary in New York City.

Carrera is a master bodyworker and holds a Masters Degree in Acupuncture. He has supervised the student clinic at the Eastern School of Acupuncture in Montclair, NJ, where he also served as Academic Dean and helped develop its highly acclaimed curriculum. Reverend Jaganath Carrera is the author of Inside the Yoga Sutras: A Sourcebook for the Study and Practice of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.  Reverend Jaganath released a CD of his translation of the Guru Gita titled From Darkness to Light.

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Jaganath's talk is one of the best introductions to the Yoga Sutras that I've had the pleasure of witnessing.”   Andrea

“Jaganath's understanding of dukkha was very illuminating.” – Elizabeth

“I love these offerings! So nice to have access to such thoughtful teachings when you live in a place as remote as I do.” – John


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Jaganath's talk is part of a 15-hr series exploring the Sutras and Gita. Save 50% by purchasing all eleven videos today. 

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