3 First Chakra Collective Crises

In our recent interview on CHITHEADS, chakra expert Anodea Judith mentioned three major collective crises related to the 1st chakra, muladhara

For those new to the system, the first chakra is considered (from a Western psychological standpoint) the chakra of stability, security and the satisfaction of basic needs. It corresponds to our physical embodiment and is developmentally related to our first year of life.

"Chakras are maps for psychological and social change", Judith said, before she diagnosed what she says are the three major collective crises of our time: 

  1. The Economy
  2. The Environment
  3. Health-care

Economic disparity in the world is vast. It expands daily, both domestically and internationally. The first chakra is a chakra that governs the satiation of basic needs, the basic needs of many are not being met in the present economic regime. 

The first chakra is related to our roots, hence a deep and meaningful groundedness is at stake when the first chakra is out of balance with the rest. Following a historical development that increasingly encouraged humans to see the earth not as the source of life but as a re-source for growth, we now fail to see the earth with the kind of sacred respect that would inspire protection of the it's environment and inhabitants. Our relationship to the earth has therefore been severed by an industrial development that encouraged us to view the world as something to be conquered and used for our material progress. 

First chakra issues often manifest as a distorted relationship with our bodies, and it is not hard to see distorted body-images reflected in eating disorders and obesity. Additionally, a mental health system that often evades the discussion of the body's role in mental life is a further symptom of a failed wisdom at the root and foundation of life. 

How does Judith recommend we move forward?

By using the chakras as a map for global transformation, we can begin to unlock the potential to shift the status quo along the lines of deeper integration with the earth and with our embodiment. Recognizing through a chakra-based analysis that the energy of society is disproportionately embedded in the social chakras (naval, heart, throat), we can begin to reimagine our world and align our socio-political objectives with this metaphor of grounding, deepening, rooting ourselves in ways long forgotten - or perhaps never before experienced. 

If you haven't yet listened to this episode, click below.

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