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Five Tattvas' commitment to Embodied Philosophy does not stop at the personal and psychological levels. The path inward is always in service to becoming more integrated with the world, and thus becoming a vessel for mindful change at the social and global levels. But we don't put off action until that ambiguous day on the horizon when we feel we've done the work necessary to be a vehicle for change. We act now, as if we were already there, and in the performance of that ritual of taking action we become integrated. It is by acting and navigating the world in ways that reflect our principles that we embody those principles.

We acknowledge that there are countless causes we could devote our resources to, but at Five Tattvas we choose two concentrate on two issues that are close to the hearts of our creators: LGBTQ issues and the environment.

Ten per cent of Five Tattvas earnings are donated to the following organizations on a bi-yearly basis.
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Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

Improving Education, Creating a Better World

In 1990, a small, but dedicated group of teachers in Massachusetts came together to improve an education system that frequently allowed its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students to be bullied, discriminated against and/or fall through the cracks. 

Almost 25 years later, that small group has grown into the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe schools for all students. Today, they’re known as GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network.

We face a pervasive problem with a set of new challenges. 8 out of 10 LGBT students are still harassed at school each year because of who they are.

GLSEN is working to change that.

GLSEN wants every student, in every school, to be valued and treated with respect, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We believe that all students deserve a safe and affirming school environment where they can learn and grow.

GLSEN accomplishes its goals by working in hallways across the country -- from Congress and the Department of Education to schools and district offices in your community -- to improve school climate and champion LGBT issues in K-12 education. 

  • They conduct extensive and original research to inform our evidence-based solutions for K-12 education.
  • They author developmentally appropriate resources for educators to use throughout their school community.
  • They partner with decision makers to ensure that comprehensive and inclusive safe schools policies are considered, passed and implemented.
  • They partner with dozens of national education organizations to leverage their shared expertise into creating great schools and better opportunities for every student. 
  • They empower students to affect change by supporting student-led efforts to positively impact their own schools and local communities.

Every day GLSEN works to ensure that LGBT students are able to learn and grow in a school environment free from bullying and harassment. Join us as we transform our nation’s K-12 schools.

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World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Mission and Vision

WWF's mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.

Our vision is to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

A Brighter Future

We seek to save a planet, a world of life. Reconciling the needs of human beings and the needs of others that share the Earth, we seek to practice conservation that is humane in the broadest sense. We seek to instill in people everywhere a discriminating, yet unabashed, reverence for nature and to balance that reverence with a profound belief in human possibilities. From the smallest community to the largest multinational organization, we seek to inspire others who can advance the cause of conservation.

We seek to be the voice for those creatures who have no voice. We speak for their future. We seek to apply the wealth of our talents, knowledge, and passion to making the world wealthier in life, in spirit, and in living wonder of nature.

Goal and Strategies

By 2020, WWF will conserve many of the world’s most ecologically important regions by working in partnership with others to:

  • Protect and restore species and their habitats
  • Strengthen local communities' ability to conserve the natural resources they depend upon
  • Transform markets and policies to reduce the impact of the production and consumption of commodities
  • Ensure that the value of nature is reflected in decisions made by individuals, communities, governments and businesses
  • Mobilize hundreds of millions of people to support conservation
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